Coffee and Snacks
There is a coffee shop on-site for all your usual hot beverage choices, and associated snacks.

Light Meals
We are bringing a caterer on-site to provide light meals — sandwiches, etc.

There will be a bar onsite, thought the venue closes around 9.00pm, so we have booked exclusive space in a local bar. It’s walkable, and for those who would prefer to not walk alone, we will be organising walking groups. We will provide alternative arrangements for members with mobility issues. We are also researching local hotels in case their bar facilities are even better.

Other Food and Drink Options
There are numerous cafés, restaurants and supermarkets to suit all budgets, including a Waitrose next door to the venue, selling sandwich meals for less than a fiver.

Keep an eye out for future updates. We’ll be posting details of nearby places over the coming months, as well as updates registered members by email.