2019 Redcloak Co-Captains

Alasdair Stuart

2019 Redcloak Co-Captain

Best Fan Writer Hugo Finalist Alasdair Stuart is a genre fiction writer and pop culture analyst. His nonfiction has been published by Tor.com, Uncanny Magazine, and Barnes & Noble. His game writing includes ENie nominated work on the Doctor Who RPG and the upcoming After The War from Genesis of Legend.

He co-owns the Escape Artists Podcast Network and hosts their horror show, PseudoPod. His most recent publication is The PseudoPod Tapes Volume 2: Approach with Caution, the second collection of expanded essays from PseudoPod available from Fox Spirit Books.  

A frequent awards judge including the Kitschies, Brave New Words and the BFS awards, he blogs at www.alasdairstuart.com, has a pop culture newsletter at The Full Lid, and is on social media at @AlasdairStuart

Marguerite Kenner

2019 Redcloak Co-Captain

Marguerite Kenner is a native Californian who has forsaken sunny paradise to live with her partner, Alasdair Stuart, in a UK city named after her favorite pastime but pronounced differently.

She’s an experienced multi-tasker, managing her time between editing Cast of Wonders, co-owning the Escape Artists Podcast Network, being a commercial lawyer, lecturing, and exploring popular culture (i.e. going to movies, playing video games, and curling up with a really good book). You can find her online or follow her adventures on Twitter.

2019 Redcloak Team

Russell A Smith

A person of several hats as well as a repeat Redcloak, Russell is the author of the urban fantasy series, The Grenshall Manor Chronicles & has this year embarked upon a new fantasy series from a familiar world. He has also dedicated time into historical interests, & can occasionally be found as a guest presenter on the Brave New Words podcast. In addition, Russell is a serial convention volunteer, all-round nerd & pop culture enthusiast who finds time for a board game as often as he does for a good book.

Holly Norman

Holly is a former but still aspiring bookseller from Hull. When she’s not reading or recommending SFF books to those who haven’t asked, you’ll find her attempting to grow watermelons in Yorkshire, writing homebrew D&D campaigns, & watching Overwatch League when she really should be sleeping.

Katherine Inskip

Katherine Inskip teaches astrophysics for a living, & spends her spare time thwarting her kids’ plans for world domination whilst populating the Universe with worlds of her own. She’s co-editor for Cast of Wonders, the YA genre fiction podcast. You can find her stories & poetry in various venues including Motherboard, Abyss & Apex, &Luna Station Quarterly. She lives off cake, coffee & logic puzzles.

Louise Carey

Louise Carey is a freelance writer, editor, & administrator errant. She has co-written two fantasy novels, published by Gollancz in the UK and ChiZine Publications in the US & Canada, as well as a mobile game. She co-runs the Dungeons & Dragons blog Tabletop Tales, & her twitter-sized flash fiction has been featured in Nanoism, Seven by Twenty, & Cuento Magazine.

When she’s not writing, Louise can usually be found playing Bioware games, reading horror, or DMing for a group of rowdy but well-intentioned adventurers.
She’s repped by Meg Davis of Ki Agency and she’s on social media @Louisecarey25.

Rachel V. Knox

Rachel has been a single-parent, civil servant, & was a teacher for 16 years, amongst other things. She gained a Masters in Environmental Policy and Management & later had a mid-life crisis & decided to do another Masters, this time in Creative Writing & Publishing. With a mixture of Chinese, Nordic, Scottish, English & Irish blood, (& possibly some Welsh) don’t ask her where she’s from. She lived in Wales most of her life, but has now moved to the wilds of Scotland, & is in the process of writing an epic fantasy trilogy.

She was published traditionally for her first novel back in 2006 & has recently self-published a historical novel based on an Edwardian ruin in North Wales. She is currently setting up an editing business, & volunteers part time in a library.
If she’s not writing or editing, Rachel might be found reading, cycling, hiking, meditating, wildlife-watching, visiting book shops or gaming. If she could just play games all day, she probably would.

Her writing website is at: https://rachelvknox.wordpress.com & her editing site is: https://writerscabin.co.uk

David Carey

David Carey has just started an algebra PhD at Sheffield & is hoping to split his time there equally between maths & writing. He has had short stories and poetry featured in a number of places including the Young Poets Network, Cake Magazine, &BFS Horizons.In his spare time he enjoys reading, playing board games, and binge-watching shows on Netflix. He is not very active on social media, but he can be contacted by carrier pigeon, provided the pigeon in question knows where he lives.

Chloë Yates

C.A. Yates, who goes by many names (but you can call her Chloë), has written lots of odd stories. She has been published many times by the BFS Award-winning press Fox Spirit Books, as well as others including Kristell Ink Publishing, & Sirens Call Publications. She also narrates for podcasts such as Pseudopod, Cast of Wonders, and Star Ship Sofa. English born, Chloë currently lives in the middle of Switzerland with her bearded paramour, Mr Y, where she gets to look at mountains & breathe clean air. She is a vocal advocate for the better understanding of mental health issues.
Her website is www.chloeyates.com and she tweets as @shloobee

Paul Yates

Paul Yates is purely along for the ride because of his wife, C.A. Yates. He recommends you find her work & read it. He also has a beard, & loves Marvel.

Amy Brennan

Amy is a huge fan of all manner of mostly fantasy and sci-fi fiction, non fiction writing in a variety of fields, music, art, basically anything  even mildly creative. A geologist by training, holding a masters in Geoscience from Keele Unversity she used to make mud pies for a living. She now is a spreadsheet & compliance queen, hunting out errors, & making sure they meet all the requirements before they get processed. She is very much a cat….or a plant with more complicated emotions… loving the sun. She lives in Cambridgeshire with her partner, & three floofs: Percy the cuddlebeast of a cat, & Clover & Bramble, her cheeky rabbits who troll the poor cat! She occasionally blogs at https://scribblejotteramy.wordpress.com, & you can follow her on Twitter at @BunniesKitchen

Babs Nienhuis

Babs Nienhuis is of Dutch descent & due to her ancestors being the homely type, still resides in the Netherlands. She was raised on a diet of Doctor Who, the Avengers, & Blake’s Seven, so her parents are still baffled where her love for Great Britain comes from. Once she mastered reading English, she turned her attention to The Books.

She once brought a book to a charity shop, but disliked the experience and has accepted expansion is the only direction for her book collection.
This Fantasycon in you can recognise her as she’ll be wearing a raffle booklet & a pleading look, performing other Redcloak duties, or possibly toasting with you to a great weekend.

Marleen Welbergen

Marleen Welbergen lives in The Netherlands. She would love to write but alas lacks the skill so she went for the next best thing and that is being an avid reader. As a day job she works for the Dierenbescherming (the Dutch equivalent of the Royal Society of the Protection of Animals). At Fantasycon you don’t need to find her because she WILL find you. This is because she will try to sell you as many raffle tickets as she can. All the proceeds go to a good cause of course…

Janneke de Ronde

My name is Janneke & I’m one of the three Dutch volunteers in the Redcloack team. I love fantasy in many ways and usually together with my son Mark. Lets say I rubbed off on him in a good way. I’ve published three fantasy/sci-fi stories in my native language but have no plans for publishing any more at the moment. I keep myself busy with my Small Press Comics Review blog. I look forward to seeing everyone again this year.