Panels, Discussions, and Round Tables

The 13th Doctor Saturday 12:00 PM
The Doctor is back and she’s better than ever! What are the best moments in series 11? What do we love about Whittaker’s Doctor? How has the series riffed on existing concepts but explored them in new waysAnd what kind of stories do we want to see next?
David Thomas Moore Mark Morris Tim Major Una McCormack

Alien: 40 years later Saturday 2:00 PM
The tale of a determined lone survivor facing impossible odds. Plus, some humans. Does this iconic film still have things to teach us? And which of Ellen Ripley’s grand daughters are leading the way today? Allen Stroud Heather Valentine Ramsey Campbell

Ambiguity in Horror Friday 4:00 PM
The Exorcist’s William Friedkin once described true horror as ‘Seeing something approach,.’ Ambiguity is a powerful tool in horror, leaving the worst of what’s possible to grow unchecked in our imaginations.Is it better to show the horror, withhold the ultimate terror, or play with ambiguity in a different way? Does ambiguity play too much to our biases and stereotypes, and are there any other pitfalls that ambiguity conceals?
Georgina Bruce Paul Tremblay Sue Tingey Phil Sloman Ramsey Campbell

Animal Kingdoms Saturday 5:00 PM
From Watership Down to Cats: pros and cons of anthropomorphic stories. Can they free us from biased storytelling, or do we carry our innate prejudices over?
Lucy Hounsom Amy Brennan Jacey Bedford RJ Barker

The A-to-Z of Audio books Saturday 7:00 PM
Audio books are a massive, often overlooked part of publishing. We’ve got everything you needed to know as a reader, writer, listener, narrator or editor and never thought to ask. But if you have questions, bring them anyway!
Allen Stroud Marguerite Kenner Alasdair Stuart Chloe Yates

Austerity & Resistance Saturday 4:00 PM
Whether against a backdrop of famine, taxation, space-corp monopolies, a squeeze on magic, or Hunger Games conscription, the heroes of fiction always make their stand against tyranny. What can we learn from them, and how do austerity and resistance shape the stories we tell and experience?
Juliet E McKenna Rosanne Rabinowitz Mike Brooks Jeffrey Collyer

A Bestiary of Scotland Saturday 11:00 AM
Kelpies and Selkies, Brownies and Bean-Nighe, Wee Blue Men of the Minch and larger monsters lurking in the depths of Loch Ness. A discussion of familiar and less familiar creatures of Scottish folklore and legend.
Ian Hunter Benedict Patrick Ali Nouraei

Bond & Beyond Friday 6:00 PM
What will the contemporary superspy have to deal with now and in the near future? How do we deal with multiple supervillains already getting human extinction on the move? What happens when we bring the supernatural into this too? How does one go about setting secret agents missions to save the world in current form? What superspy characters from fiction could Bond learn from?
Russell Smith Allen Stroud Anne Lyle

Book to film transitions Sunday 12:00 PM
The good, the bad and the ‘we shall never talk about this again’. What it’s like from an author’s perspective, and the difficulties of translating a story between very different audiences and media. Hopes and challenges for upcoming adaptions and what we’d like to see in the future.
Tim Lebbon Paul Tremblay Eric Steele

Breaking The Glass Slipper: “Women vs the World” Friday 5:00 PM
The BtGS hosts and their guests each pitch a favourite fictional heroine to contend with a variety of scenarios. Come and listen to them argue their case and decide which heroine wins the day.
Lucy Hounsom Charlotte Bond Meghan Leigh Anne Lyle Marguerite Kenner

Chronic illness in fiction Saturday 1:00 PM
If dragons and Evil Overlords weren’t enough, some protagonists have just as big a challenge on their hands when it comes to their own health. How well are chronic illnesses represented in fiction, and what stories are inclusive enough that a character’s illness stops being an issue for them or their plot line? What are the challenges of creating fiction while living with a chronic illness? Ruth de Haas Devin Martin Mike Hollows Chloe Yates

The Comics Revolution, Modern Graphic Fiction, Splash Pages and Speech Bubbles
Saturday 12:00 PM
They say a picture is worth a thousand words – our panel explore the best of fantasy comics and graphic novels, and how this artform can tell stories that the written word alone cannot.
Rob Malan Eric Steele Sha Nazir

Dungeons & Disorderly D3: Vault of the Cow. Saturday 10:00 PM
The Terrifying Sorcerer of Terrifying Evil has been defeated, the Sheep on the Borderlands sheared and penned, and the Temple of Elemental Weevils properly fumigated. It is time to venture in the Underdork! In module D3, Vault of the Cow, the players will clash with the sinister, mysterious race known only as The Cow of the Underdork…
Hosted by David Thomas Moore, with Mike Brooks, Ali Nouraei, David Tallerman, Jonathan Oliver and Stewart Hotston.

Fanfic to Profic Saturday 6:00 PM
5 ways fanfic can help you develop your writing career, and the 1 way it can’t.
Ruth de Haas Una McCormack Heather Valentine

Fantasy Bucket List Friday 4:00 PM
101 things to do in Fantasyland (before being eaten by a dragon). Hosted for your benefit by the Fantasycon Tourist Board
RJ Barker Jeannette Ng Charlotte Bond Juliet McKenna

Fantasy in Translation Saturday 5:00 PM
There is SO MUCH excellent fiction out there that isn’t widely discovered outside its home country because it’s in another language. What are the challenges for all of us in finding and sharing the best of global fantasy and horror?
Cheryl Morgan Ali Nouraei Max Edwards Tasha Suri

Feasts for the senses Saturday 10:00 AM
Art, Banquets, Fashion, Gardens and Music in Fiction: how do you convey the intangible? Our panel give examples of the best in literature, and discuss why and how they work for the reader. Juliet Kemp Anna Smith Spark Jeannette Ng Neil Williamson

First Fantasycon Friday 3:00 PM
Your must-have survival guide for anyone new to Fantasycon (or just wanting a refresher) Marleen Welbergen Babs Nienhuis Janneke de Ronde

folklore, fairy tales and mythology Sunday 10:00 AM
How do our myths and fairy tales vary across the globe, and support us as we move through different cultures? What does the recent boom in folk-horror tell us about current storytelling? Is fiction that draws on fairy tales fair use, or appropriation?
Sandra Unerman Dan Coxon Teika Bellamy Ali Nouraei

Franchises & Ghost Writing Saturday 1:00 PM
Just how do you become a ghost writer? What does it take to be and author that writes for a franchise. What complexities do you need to navigate to be successful in both? Top tips from the experts, and their experiences in this field.
Andrew Knighton Charlotte Bond Mark Morris Una McCormack

Future Supernatural Friday 7:00 PM
Can futuristic scifi and the supernatural mix? Does one ultimately have to take precedence? What form will the supernatural take as we move deeper into the 21st century?
Kim Gravell Stewart Hotston Kit Power Ian Hunter

Grimdark vs Hopepunk Saturday 6:00 PM
What are they, and why do we need both of them right now? The panel explore the conflict (or the hopeful cuddle?) between the subgenres, and offer their perspectives on the best grimdark and hopepunk fiction.
Cameron Johnston Juliet Kemp Peter McLean Anna Smith Spark

Horrorvengers Horrorsemble! Saturday 3:00 PM
When the world is in peril, when society quakes at it’s roots. Only one thing can save us…Horror?! Yes! HORROR! Join our panel as we discuss the ultimate all star (And only slightly undead) horror super team that will save the world and then perhaps feed on it!
Kit Power Alasdair Stuart Paul Tremblay Charlotte Bond Jim Mcleod

How to How-to Friday 6:00 PM
How to books: many writers have produced books on how to write SF, fantasy, etc, including Stephen King and Jeff Vandermeer. But, they’re not the only resources out there! A discussion about what kinds of advice panel members have found most productive and how to choose between different books and workshops.
Max Edwards Sandra Unerman PM Freestone

Hygge and Home Comforts Saturday 7:00 PM
All the little things that make life comfortable when everything else is evil overlords and orc armies.
Russell Smith Amy Brennan Steven Poore Juliet Kemp

In Awe of Audio Dramas Saturday 9:00 PM
Why they aren’t audio books! Why they’re a kind of podcast! How to write one! How to get involved in making them! What’s going to happen next with them! Our favourite ones!
Una McCormack Steven Poore Mark Morris

It’s Hour Come Round At Last Saturday 4:00 PM
Genre poetry is the dark heart of the industry, influencing everything but too often overlooked. The panel discuss how poets and poetry have influenced them and the genre at large.
Allen Ashley Clint Wastling Sarah Doyle

It takes a village Friday 5:00 PM
It takes a village to raise a child. Writing a fiction and publishing books is no different. The panel talk about their experiences working with other creatives, and the support they’ve received along the way.
Rob Malan Rosanne Rabinowitz Heide Goody Benedict Patrick Jacey Bedford

Lost in Space Friday 8:00 PM
Sometimes the final frontier is reached by magic pixie dust engines. But is that okay? When the space science is as shaky as the scenery, how well does a story hold together? Can the panel come up with plausible fixes? What cool new science and overlooked old science can make a space setting particularly good fun?
Katherine Inskip Devin Martin David M. Allan

Mary Poppins was a Time Lady-The Best Genre Musicals Friday 10:00 PM
From Doctor Horrible to Cats, Mary Poppins to Wicked – what are the panels favourite genre musicals, and which franchises are most in need of the Lin Manuel Miranda treatment? Marleen Welbergen & Babs Nienhuis Ruth EJ Booth Russell Smith

Matriarchies & Patriarchies Sunday 12:00 PM
This is now known as:

History, Her Story
How to write Historical fantasy in a gender-balanced way when so much of history is written from a male perspective.
Lucy Hounsom Peter Sutton Justin Lee Anderson

Medical, social, fantastical: models of disability in fantasy narratives.
Friday 6:00 PM
The panel explores the different ways that societies disable people in fiction, the impact of world-changing fantasy events on the physical and mental health of characters, and how mental health disabilities can be successfully and respectfully included within a narrative.
Ruth de Haas Jeffrey Collyer RJ Barker Mike Brooks

Neurodiversity & the Fantastic Saturday 2:00 PM
As a concept and movement, ‘neurodiversity’ has grown dramatically over the last decade and is intersecting in numerous ways with culture, particularly in regards to autistic representation and identity. There is a rich engagement within sci-fi and fantasy that considers the pasts and futures of neurodiversity within the culture and fandom of the fantastic.
Mike Brooks Anna Smith Spark Katherine Inskip Jeannette Ng

Next Generation Nostalgia Saturday 5:00 PM
Some of our childhood favourites have returned to the small screen – Voltron, She-Ra, The Dark Crystal.What’s kept the appeal so strong? What’s next in line for a wanted reboot? What shouldn’t be touched? And what are today’s kids enjoying that we really don’t want to miss out on? Marguerite Kenner Adeline Armfield

Obscure Monsters of Horror Cage fight Friday 8:00 PM
On nodding familiarity with the Nuklavee? Laughing at the Leshy? Grossed out by the Goulon? What are the monsters that never made it out into the bright lights? The panellists battle it out to find the most obscure, most horrifying of monsters. They have a set amount of time to make their case and then, at the end the audience votes on a winner.
Eric Steele Alasdair Stuart Charlotte Bond

Parenting and Childhood Saturday 11:00 AM
The trope of the son who is in conflict with his family is such a classic of the genre, as is the orphan or lost heir. The panel explore what’s going on in these tropes in more depth, looking at why they resonate, and discuss the influence of good and bad parenting on fantasy narratives, no matter which generation the protagonist belongs to!
Anna Smith Spark Pete McLean Kit Power

Person or Pet? Saturday 3:00 PM
Sentient non-humans, non-sentient pets, soulbonds and free will in fantasy stories. The panel explore the muddy waters of how we treat non-human characters, and the problematic issues of consent tied into these tropes.
RJ Barker Katherine Inskip Jacey Bedford David Tallerman

PseudoPod Live Saturday 8:00 PM
Welcome to PseudoPod! The weekly horror podcast that’s part of the Escape Artists PodCast Network. Join us for an introduction to EAPN and a gloriously spooky story that, like all our tales, we promise you, is true…
Katherine Inksip Alasdair Stuart Marguerite Kenner Eliza Chan

Psychological horror Friday 7:00 PM
The panel discuss stories that worm their way into your brainpan and won’t let go. Where does the power of psychological horror truly lie?
Sue Tingey Phil Sloman Charlotte Bond

Rebuilding the Revolution Friday 4:00 PM
The indie press put out essential books that no one else could and remain a wellspring of talent and creativity. But they’re also regularly tarred with the same brush as the worst excesses of the DIY author community and still struggle to find respect. How do we go about getting this? What if anything needs to change? What companies are holding the light? And which ones are rising to join them?
Kate Macdonald Teika Bellamy Jeffrey Collyer Steven Poore

Reinventing the Wheel Saturday 6:00 PM
Reinventing the Wheel-It’s the first meeting of the first convention planning committee. Ever. in human history. You’re on it. What do you include? What do you leave out? Where’s your venue? Join a panel of con staff veterans for a session that’s one half panel game, one half Kobyashi Maru test.
Alasdair Stuart Allen Stroud Karen Fishwick Ruth EJ Booth

Reviewing & Nonfiction Saturday 2:00 PM
What makes for interesting reviews? Why is non-fiction as valuable to a writer as fiction? The do’s and don’ts of being a good reviewer & writing non-fiction.
Cheryl Morgan Susan Oke Rob Malan Alasdair Stuart

Scotland on Screen Friday 7:00 PM
Highlanders, Outlanders, Trainspotters, Scots! The best of Genre film that draws on Scotland for inspiration, direct or otherwise.
Allen Stroud Shona Kinsella Heather Valentine David Tallerman

Scottish Fantastic Friday 3:00 PM
Scottish writers like Robert Louis Stephenson, Arthur Conan Doyle, and James Hogg helped shape the genre in the early decades. How is Scotland shaping the fantasy landscape today?
Ian Hunter Neil Williamson Shona Kinsella Hal Duncan

Self Care for Creatives Saturday 3:00 PM
How do you take care of yourself when your hobby becomes a job? When you’re fitting your passion into spaces between full-time work/children etc, or if you’re living with disabilities?
AK Faulkner Shona Kinsella Jeffrey Collyer Michael J Hollows

So! You might be in a horror movie Saturday 9:00 PM
A group panel, including the audience, designed to build a 10 point survival guide to tell if you’re in a horror movie and how likely on a scale of one to ten, you are to survive it.
Eric Ian Steele Charlotte Bond Paul Tremblay

Stories through Gaming Friday 8:00 PM
How tabletop roleplaying games can inform sci-fi and fantasy writing, and vice versa. Louise is a sci-fi and fantasy author who found the mechanics of D&D unexpectedly helpful in thinking about and planning her own writing. Camden is a DM and game writer who draws on his love of fiction to help him design and run tabletop games. We’re interested in the places where tabletop gaming and narrative storytelling overlap, how they differ, and how they can feed into one another. Can running a tabletop game make you a better writer? How do the narrative conventions of tabletop games differ from those of novels and short stories? And what can the collaborative storytelling of D&D teach us about the more solitary activity of writing prose fiction?
Louise Carey Camden Ford Allen Stroud Benedict Patrick

Submission Etiquette Saturday 12:00 PM
Good and bad practice by writers, editors, publishers, etc. This item is pitched towards newer writers and, indeed, newer editors/ judges / publishers
Allen Ashley Sarah Doyle Max Edwards Shona Kinsella

Tales for the Dark Saturday 10:00 PM
One room. Several readers. Shivers and chills as the darkness descends around the feeble glow of torchlight.
Hosted by Kit Power

The Trouble with Trilogies Friday 5:00 PM
Looking at the classic model of the fantasy trilogy, why it’s the default from an economic and cultural point of view and how its evolved. From a writer’s perspective, what makes writing a trilogy so difficult? How do you retain self-enclosed plot in each of your three books, while ramping up the tension on the overarching plot without leaving book two flat and full of loose ends? How do you make sure it all doesn’t spiral out of control… and that the publisher stays on board?
Clint Wastling Juliet E McKenna P. M. Freestone

Time Travel and Quantum Physics Sunday11:00 AM
From many worlds to the uncertainty principle, the panel discuss how modern physics can inform our favourite timey-wimey narrative trope in a way that’s enjoyable for the layman and believable for the expert.
Stuart Hotston Rosanne Rabinowitz Katherine Inskip

Twists and the UnexWHATTHEHECK? Friday 10:00 PM
Working jump scares into fiction for a reader is tricky but possible. Working twists and turns, red herrings and the unexpected into the plot to throw your protagonist into a loop is FUN. How do you avoid predictability and make it work, without losing the audience along the way?
Lucy Hounsom Justin Lee Anderson David Craig

Urban Fantasy Sunday 10:00 AM
How melding the modern (and not so modern) world with the fantastical can produce the unexpected, the exciting, and often much needed escapism from the real world. What makes GOOD urban fantasy. What’s been over-done?
Russell Smith Tej Turner Kim Gravell

Vengeful Ghosts and Unquiet Spirits Friday 9:00 PM
Death isn’t always the end of the story. The panel discuss how dead characters continue to control the lives of the living, whether through direct agency or through their absence. What motivates the noisy dead, when they won’t leave the story alone?
Dan Coxon Phil Sloman Sandra Unerman

Writing Action Fighting! Chases! Duels! Friday 9:00 PM
How to make the exciting bits jump screaming off the page and drive up the reader’s heart-rate.
Stewart Hotston Anna Smith Spark Juliet E McKenna Mike Brooks

YA genre fiction Saturday 1:00 PM
Writing it, reading it, what works, what doesn’t, and how it overlaps with fiction marketed towards older and younger readers. What do you want to see more of? What gives it a sustained home in our hearts?
David Tallerman AK Faulkner Ian Hunter


Crafting and Marketing Saturday 11:00 AM – 12:00PM
Ideas for using crafting to support the marketing of your ficiton.
Heide Goody

Defamiliarisation as a tool for writing Sunday 10:00 AM
Sometimes the best thing we can do for our art is take a step backwards from it.
Georgina Bruce

Public speaking for authors Saturday 10 AM – 11:30:00 AM
Oh sure you can sling words on a page, but public speaking? Whole different ball game. Where the ball is on fire and looking at you. Fear not! We know you’ve got the walk down, let us show you how to talk the talk.
Lucy Hounsom RJ Barker

Putting the science in science fiction poetry Saturday 11:30 AM – 1PM
Everything, in the end, is structure. Sometimes that structure is stanza. Sometimes it’s molecules. It’s always art, by and large. Come along and we’ll show you the science of poetry and the poetry of science.
Clint Wastling

Short Fiction Submissions Sunday 12:00 PM
So you have a story? Great! Here’s how to make a great impression on every editor you send it to.
Shona Kinsella Tim Major

Using Visual References for Characters Saturday 10:00 AM – 11:00AM
From dream cast lists to visual short hand, pinterest to sketches, here’s how to envision your cast so you can do AWFUL things to them.
Juliet E McKenna

Writing Queer Characters of History Sunday 11:00 AM
The queer stories of history are legion, magnificent and essential. Here’s how to tell them. Cheryl Morgan


Fanfic Open Mic Saturday 7:00 PM
One mic! No continuity! Let’s go!
Hosted by Heather Valentine

Poetry Open Mic Saturday 8:30PM
Got the verses burning? Got stanza good to go? This is your chance
Hosted by Allen Ashley

Trade Crafts Saturday 8:00 PM
Half speed date, half comfy craft & chat. Come and share your skills and learn something new.
Hosted by Amy Brennan

Gaming Workshop Friday 9:00 PM
Would you like to play a game? Cool…How about MAKING one?
Louise Carey Camden Ford David Carey