We’re now creating and checking our schedule…

Sneak peak? Friday kicks off with sessions on the Scottish Fantastic, Grey Fandom, and First Fantasycon; whilst we close out the day with Games, Karaoke, and wondering if Mary Poppins was a Time Lady…

Saturday you’ll have to get up and going – we’ve got workshops up first, and a panel on Feasts for the senses. Later on there are book launches, our Guest of Honour interviews, the ubiquitous Fantasycon disco, a gameshow, podcasts, publishing and writing panels (and more workshops!), fanfic and poetry open mics, and closing the day with (mwahahahahahaaaaa) Tales of the dark.

Sunday morning we’re being a little more gentle on you all – there’s workshops on using Defamiliarisation as a tool for writing, on Writing Queer Characters of History, and on Short Fiction submissions. Plus sessions on urban fantasy, Fairytales and Folklore, Matriarchies and Patriarchies, & Time Travel and Quantum Physics. (and more!)

Sunday we’re also hosting the British Fantasy Society AGM, and the British Fantasy Awards.

Before the awards, we’ve got the British Fantasy Awards banquet – if you’d like to join us, you can add it to your fantasycon membership here

The Programmes can be downloaded as .pdf below

Glossary of Programme Items