We hope you have a wonderful convention, and have no need to make a complaint. However, we understand that sometimes your experience might not match your expectations of the event.

FantasyCon organisers are not paid for their time and, as such, do not have the resources (financial or otherwise) to account for all eventualities. If you find an aspect of the running of the convention to be less than optimal, however, we will be happy to hear your concerns, as we want our convention to be enjoyed by all members.

Before the convention
If you wish to bring a complaint or concern to our attention before the convention, please email the named contact from the events organising team. Their contact details can be found on the Contact page of this website.

At the convention
If you notice something or someone at the convention that you with you bring to our attention, please contact the nearest Redcloak volunteer and outline your concerns. The volunteer may need to involve a member of the convention organising team to assist with your issue. If your concern/complaint involves a Redcloak, please find a different Redcloak and ask them to alert an event organiser.

All complaints
It is expected that all parties involved will act reasonably, fairly and courteously towards each other at all times.
Your concern/complaint will be taken seriously, and our volunteers and event organisers will, if appropriate, take steps to address it in a timely fashion.
If you are unsatisfied with the resolution of your complaint you may escalate it to the convention Chair, who will endeavor to resolve it in a timely fashion.


If, after escalating to the convention Chair you remain unsatisfied with the proposed resolution, the complaint may be escalated further to the Chair of the British Fantasy Society. If this happens at the convention, it may not always be possible to achieve a quick resolution (if the Chair is not present at the convention, for example). It is also possible that the position of Chair of the BFS might change in the days following the convention, as it is standard practice for Chairs to stand for election at the AGM, which is held at FantasyCon. If this happens, the incoming Chair will be briefed, and take over responsibility for dealing with your complaint/concern.