FantasyCon is serious about doing everything we can to provide a welcoming, accessible environment for all our members.

Unfortunately, we cannot make every aspect of FantasyCon barrier-free. We are limited by finances, logistic and facilities. Please contact the event team if you have any questions, or if you can offer suggestions or resources to help make FantasyCon more accessible.

Panel/Talks/Content Rooms
• We aim to have a wheelchair/scooter space marked in each each FantasyCon panel room.
• If you have physical challenges with standing, please alert a Redcloak volunteer and they will ensure you get accommodation. There may be scope for waiting in a seated area prior to panel or they can ensure there will be reserved seating for you.
• We aim to marks some seats as reserved for those who need to sit or who need to be in a specific area eg, close to the front for sight or hearing or close to the back for anxiety or other needs.

• We aim to have scooter available, depending on the provision in the town or city the venue is in. Please contact the event team to let them know if you need this or indicate it on your booking form if applicable.

• We aim to ensure that our venues are accessible.
• There will be a lift to the function rooms (if they are not on the ground floor)
• We will provide details about the accessibility of the venue prior to any deadline for reduced rate tickets.

Publication Formats
• We aim to ensure that publications, particularly program information is available online in a variety of formats.
• Large print may be available, particularly for program information, but it is likely to be impractical for the souvenir guide to be available in other formats.

Quiet Room
• We will aim to provide a Quiet Room to allow you to take a break from the convention and quietly reenergize yourself with minimal distractions.

• We ask all of our attendees to refrain from applying scented products while in the convention spaces, including in the toilets. It is fine to wear scented products, but please apply them in your own hotel room or outside.

Gender Neutral Toilets
• We aim to have at least one toilet that is designated gender neutral, but this is dependent on the venue to allow this.
• We do not police who uses which bathroom and expect our attendees not to do so either. We expect people to use the bathroom that makes them comfortable and respect others need for privacy. We also understand that young children or others who need assistance will need to be in the same facility as the person assisting them.

Invisible Conditions
• We recognise that not all conditions are visible and trust our attendees to make their needs known without having to disclose medical information or “proof”. We would like to work with you to improve our events.


FantasyCon welcomes suggestions for making our convention more accessible! If you have a concern, comment or suggestion about accessibility at FantasyCon, please contact the relevant event team.