We know not everyone has £75 free at the end of the month, so if you would prefer to pay for your FantasyCon membership by instalments, you can do so, below.

Instalment plans must be started by 1st May, 2020. We require an up-front payment, followed by 3 further payments at monthly intervals.

To pay in instalments, please read these instructions:

  1. First sign up for an “Instalment Plan” membership on our Buy Membership page.
  2. You will be emailed a PDF ticket, containing a Ticket Number (not your registration number). You will need this ticket number when you set up your instalment plan.
  3. Next, choose which instalment plan (below) is appropriate for you.
  4. During the checkout process you will be asked to confirm your Ticket Number.

For BFS members.
FantasyCon Membership: £65 + £3 booking fee – 1st payment (now): £23

For non-BFS members.
FantasyCon Membership: £75 + £3 booking fee – 1st payment (now): £33

Both plans:
2nd, 3rd, 4th payments (in 1, 2 and 3 months): £15, £15 and £15
Payment will automatically stop after the 4th payment.

By making your initial payment you are agreeing to 3 additional monthly payments of £15.

Note: We are unable to change the date of your recurring payments.

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