What does a membership of FantasyCon get me?

Membership of FantasyCon gets you into any and all panels, workshops, readings, guest interviews, book launches, etc (subject to space being available — some of the more popular events fill up quickly) for the entire weekend (Friday afternoon till Sunday lunchtime).

Membership also gets you a seat at the British Fantasy Awards ceremony, and the chance to nominate and vote in the awards, themselves.

Our first 100 tickets are just £55 each, after which the price jumps to the still-great-value £75. Members of the BFS get £10 off their tickets (not valid for Early Bird tickets), and you can get digital membership of the BFS here, or over at the main BFS site. If you want paper membership (the BFS sends out several journals a year, containing articles, reviews and fiction) you’ll need to head to the main BFS website.

Click here to buy your membership. You can even buy advertising space in our glossy souvenir guide, which is given out to every member at the convention.