Why join as a “member” and not a “delegate”?
It is a long-standing tradition that FantasyCon refers to its attendees as “members”. This is because we feel that everyone who attends is part of the event, and not a mere bystander. As well as getting to see panels and interviews, members have the opportunity to contribute to the convention by volunteering as redcloaks or as panelists, or to read from their latest works, and to vote in the British Fantasy Awards.

Am I now a member of the British Fantasy Society (BFS)?
Not unless you’ve separately joined the BFS. FantasyCon is a BFS event, but they have separate memberships. You can be a member of one, the other or both. (And if you are a BFS member you get a reduction in your FantasyCon membership fee.)

You said “Redcloak” — what’s that?
Redcloaks are the cogs that make FantasyCon run during the weekend of the event. They ensure that panels start and end on time, that everyone knows where they’re meant to be and what they’re meant to be doing, and also act as fonts of all knowledge for member queries.

Is FantasyCon 2022 a not-for-profit event?
It is! If FantasyCon 2022 makes a profit, half of that profit goes to the British Fantasy Society (itself a not-for-profit organisation) and the other half will be donated to The National Literacy Trust — an independent charity working with schools and communities to give disadvantaged children the literacy skills to succeed in life.

How can I get involved?
There are a number of ways you can get involved over the course of the convention:

  • Volunteer for panels
  • Do you have specialist  knowledge of a certain aspect of our genre? Maybe suggest a panel topic for consideration, and put yourself forward. While we cannot guarantee to use you (or your panel suggestion) all suggestions are considered.
  • Book a reading slot
  • Do you have a book you’d like to promote? Book a 15 minute reading slot.
  • Volunteer as a Redcloak.
  • Forget Superman! Our Redcloaks are the real heroes! They act as ushers, as helpers, and as first points of contact for all our members’ questions during the weekend. The convention simply could not exist without them!
  • Register as a Dealer
  • Do you sell books? T-shirts? Crafts? Book a table in our popular Dealer Room! Head to the Dealer page to register your interest.

We’ll be contacting members with these “get involved” opportunities between now and the summer of 2022. Details will also appear on this website at some point during that time.