The British Fantasy Awards 

The annual British Fantasy Awards are determined via a combination of voting and juries. Following an open submissions process, the shortlists are determined by a vote of the BFS membership, members of the previous FantasyCon, and members of the next FantasyCon.  Juries are then appointed for each category, with jurors able to add up to two further “egregious omissions” to each categories shortlist. Copies of all shortlisted items are then requested, and the juries consider each before deciding upon a winner.

As a member of FantasyCon you are able to suggest and vote in and or all of the following awards categories:

  • The August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel
  • The Robert Holdstock Award for Best Fantasy Novel
  • Best Novella
  • Best Short Fiction
  • Best Non-Fiction
  • Best Audio
  • Best Artist
  • Best Comic/Graphic Novel
  • Best Magazine/Periodical
  • Best Independent Press
  • Best Collection
  • Best Anthology
  • The Sydney J. Bounds Award for Best Newcomer

If you are a member of FantasyCon 2022 or the BFS, or if you were a member of FantasyCon 2021, you can nominate by clicking here.