FantasyCon is the annual convention of the British Fantasy Society.

First held in 1975, FantasyCon is the UK’s longest-running convention dedicated to fantasy, horror and science fiction (with the emphasis firmly on fantasy and horror).


What you can do at FantasyCon

Held from Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon, there are many things to do at FantasyCon:

  • Panel Discussions
    • Leading genre writers, editors, and publishers discuss their craft, as well as other topics of interest to fans and writers of horror, fantasy and science fiction.
  • Interviews
    • With leading voices in the genre.
  • Book launches
    • FantasyCon is a popular event to launch new books. Be the first to buy books by your favourite authors!
  • Book signings
    • From many of your favourite writers
  • Dealer Room
    • Where you can buy books (maybe to get signed at the event) and other items
  • The British Fantasy Awards
    • The ceremony for the prestigious annual British Fantasy Awards is held at FantasyCon

How to attend
Purchase a membership here. Other than your hotel accommodation, food and drink, and travel to the event, there’s nothing more to pay! You can choose to purchase items in the excellent Dealer Room, but access to all panels, interviews and signings, as well as a seat at the British Fantasy Awards ceremony, is included with your membership fee!

Anything else?
Yes! By becoming a member you also get the right to nominate people and works for the British Fantasy Awards!

Get Involved
There are a number of ways you can get involved over the course of the convention:

  • Volunteer for panels
    • Do you have specialist  knowledge of a certain aspect of our genre? Maybe suggest a panel topic for consideration, and put yourself forward. While we cannot guarantee to use you (or your panel suggestion) all suggestions are considered.
  • Book a reading slot
    • Do you have a book you’d like to promote? Book a 15 minute reading slot.
  • Volunteer as a ‘redcloak’.
    • Forget Superman! Our redcloaks are the real heroes! They act as ushers, as helpers, and as first points of contact for all our members’ questions during the weekend. The convention simply could not exist without them!
  • Register as a Dealer
    • Do you sell books? T-shirts? Crafts? Book a table in our popular Dealer Room! Details will appear on this website, soon.

We’ll be contacting members with these “get involved” opportunities between now and the summer of 2022. Details will also appear on this website at some point during that time.